US One's Matt Knighton goes around the world!

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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – 5 August 2014: Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing (ADOR) - the professional yacht racing team backed by Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority (TCA Abu Dhabi) to contest the Volvo Ocean Race - has completed its on board 2014/15 line-up with the appointment of Daryl Wislang as pitman and boat captain, and Matt Knighton as on board reporter.

Knighton, an accomplished commercial videographer and keen racing sailor with proven photography and storytelling skills, earned his ADOR on board reporting role after producing great media content during back-to-back transatlantic crossings during June and July.

Based in Chicago, the 30-year-old’s impressive resume includes directing the 2013 documentary Black Hawk Down: Return to Mogadishu, shot in a Somalian war zone.

“This is an unparalleled opportunity,” said Matt. "It's not a challenge to be taken lightly or for granted. To be on a team where almost everyone has done at least three Volvo Ocean races is humbling but I couldn't ask for a better group of guys to share the next nine months with. Everyone gets along great on board and that makes this challenge all the more fun and dynamic.”

Knighton, who will take a sabbatical from his role as Media and Communications Director for match racing world champion Taylor Canfield’s US One Sailing Team, said he couldn’t wait for the Volvo Ocean Race to start.

"I've been working as a documentary filmmaker for the past eight years so to have this chance to pair that up with the sport that I love is fantastic,” Knighton said.

ADOR skipper, Britain’s double Olympic silver medallist Ian Walker said the final crew appointments added further breadth to his multi-national squad.

“Daryl will improve the depth of our trimming and steering as well as being a very accomplished bowman, pitman and sail-maker. This is exactly the kind of versatility that the Volvo Ocean Race requires.

“Matt, meanwhile, will take the on board reporter role to a new level with his love of sailing and knowledge of TV, photography and the media. They are the final pieces in the jigsaw of what now looks like a solid winning team.”

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