That Dog Don't Hunt

A day in the life on the Alpari World Match Racing Tour goes someting like this...

Wake up at 0430 hrs to the buzz of an alarm clock. The team is up before the birds start chirping.

By 0530 hrs the team is already down at the docks with the boat rigged, ready to go, game on. However, same as the previous 3 days...there's no wind.

0830 the wind has picked up just enough and it's time to wrap up the round robin!

First up for the team was Swiss sailor Eric Monnin. At the start, both US One and Monnin had kites up to get down below the starting line before cranking up the beat and gunning it at full speed. The guys led him around the course and through the finish. Good win right? Not so hour after the match the team was informed by the umpires that there would be a re-sail for the match due to flag confusion at the start. It wasn't until the end of the day that the umpires reversed the decision and a resail wouldn't be necessary. Interesting.

With the breeze continuing to die, then lift, only to go quiet again, US One was finally able to get back out on the water. Before taking 3 flights off, the team dispatched Karol Jabonski of Poland. One more down.

Finally, at 1500 hrs it was time to get through the last 3 matches against who else but some of the stiffest competition: Robertson, Richard, and Ian Williams. But for Taylor and the boys, they feed off this level of competition.

Dan Morris explains, "We usually love these matches. Always a good battle often resulting in a win. Today there was an exeption...we were sailing the dog of the fleet: the boat that through the entire regatta, had only won 2 matches. The boat had so much extra drag and there was nothing the organizers could do to fix it during the regatta. We lost to Richard and Robertson.

We knew the only way we could take down Big Willie was to be aggressive, draw penalties, and set them back from the get go. We dominated the start against Williams and drew a penalty, unfortunately, the race was abandoned because of another flag mishap at the start."

Wanting to gain some advantage in the quarter finals, the team came out swinging gain in the next pre-start against Williams, dominating the GAC Pindar Team with another pentalty, this time a red flag that needed to be taken immediately. But the dog boat wasn't going to oblige the rest of the race and due to the heavily unfavored hull, Williams was still able to extend and take the win.

Dan Morris, "It was a tough way to end the day but all is not lost. We made the quarter finals and will sail 0900 against Ketih Swinton and the Alpari FX Team.

In our debrief, we decided that it's time for the last bit of fine tuning to dial the boat handling into a mechanical system where every maneuver is carried out with precision and timing that captures every last centimeter on the course. Those little bits of distance add up to crosses, hooks, rolls, and leading across the finish in a match race."

Stay tuned for updates on the Quarter Finals at Match Race Germany.

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