Gearing Up and Bearing Down

The boys woke up this morning charged up, ready to make a statement in Day 2 of the round robin at Match Race Germany and although there were only 2 races for the team...they came out swinging.

With the sun out "in force" the breeze again calmed down and the race course looked more like a lazy river before the team even got out on the water! Guess what that means? Postponement.

Once the breeze picked up enough for racing the team headed out on the Porsche boat for their first match of the day against the Swede, Bjorn Hansen. With a command of the start, Taylor was able to push Bjorn over early and had the race well in hand from that point forward. Hearts raced as Hansen rode a nice puff down the final leg but US One had enough distance to close out the match easily.

Fast forward through 3 more flights with very little breeze and the team went out for their last match and floated...waiting again.

Francesco Bruni and his Luna Rossa team, on the Tour this year in prep for their America's Cup Campaign, was next up. The start of the match was a split and each side of the course had it's moments. As the first beat closed towards the windward mark, the right began to pay with Taylor and the boys having a small lead rounding the mark. Multiple light air gybes had the team on edge during the first run w/ Bruni closing the gap and sitting on US One's air. However, at the bottom mark US One still held onto a narrow lead.

Trimmer Dan Morris, "We learned from our race yesterday, and kept the kite up as we rounded the leeward mark. This allowed us to maintain speed as Bruni and Luna Rossa dropped their kite. That extra bit of speed prevented us from getting hooked at the bottom mark and gave us the jump we needed to lead for the rest of the race."

The last run of the match saw huge wind sheer w/ the water looking like glass but decent breeze up top. With the brace squared back slightly for the first time in days the team rode down to another win.

Then of course...the breeze dropped. What do we do when the breeze dies? Do TV spots for German television stations...we really don't know what we said, all the German words we know are related to food.

Final results of the day were 2 wins bringing the team's round robin results to 4-2. Standby for more racing tomorrow as US One looks to lock into the quarter finals.

A big thank you and shoutout to all our friends at home cheering us on!

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