"If you can dream it, you can do it."

-Walt Disney


Going into the start of the 2012 sailing season, we were asked why we sail so much and how we could devote this much of our lives to this sport. 


​Our immediate response was because it is our passion, and sailing is the only thing that has been truly consistent throughout our lives. Why the passion? 


After 18 solid months of racing with our team, we have gained some clarity on that simple question that seemed to hover. Every sport requires passion, intensity, and full commitment to truly succeed. Sailing differs because of the need for pure and concise communication - this kind of communication does not just happen automatically.


The communication within our team and the ability to execute maneuvers on the water with a seamless and fluid motion of five individuals acting as one entity, is incredibly special. Many people know how to trim sails, drive boats, and work the bow; but five that can work as one is truly unique. It is what you dream of attaining when putting a campaign together. The more we sail together, the more we continue to grow and develop as that single entity...a true team, a winning team.


We cannot be more thankful for our group of guys and the bright future that lies ahead. The answer to the question of where the passion comes from is beyond a skill set or a resume...the passion lies in being a team that knows success is the only option.

​We are US One.

Taylor Canfield, Hayden Goodrick

Founders of US One Sailing Team.