Matt Knighton

Media & Communications Director


A native of Chicago, Matt joins US One after having worked in the broadcast television and documentary film industries for many years. He has a passion for blending the sport of sailing with stunning onboard visuals and now splits his time between film and photography for professional sailing and directing for corporate advertising clients. Along with shooting for US One, Matt's credits have included Chicago Match Race Center, World Match Racing Tour, U.S. Grand Slam, and the America's Cup. Racing aggressively since college he's been a part of offshore programs both in Chicago and on the west coast including several PHRF and Farr 40 campaigns, and the Andrews Turbosled Condor accumulating 8000 offshore miles and competing in multiple Chicago Mackinac and Newport Cabo races. Current goal is to be a Media Crew Member in the  2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race. Click on the link below to see Matt's media reels: